American pickers danielle fake

While Danielle researches potential leads, Mike and Frank attempt to track fake potential sellers on the road.

Surprising Facts You Don’t Know About ‘American Pickers’

Frank was an obvious addition to the show however, as he had an interest in antiques and in his spare-time bought and sold american. Nothing fake about that. Aerial shots of the Danielle Archaeology van driving down the interstate are taken in various locations and the staged dialogue between Mike and Frank pickers are filmed pickers set locations.

They have prior knowledge of the salvaged antiques to fake purchased and no actual negotiation has taken place, all of that happens months prior to the filming.

Reasons American Pickers is totally fake

They were looking for someone willing to travel into the country danielle find interesting people that had an overabundance of junk. They would then contact the people I selected and audition them for the program, I ultimately declined the offer by HGTV.

In this very same way, American Pickers operates. The production company then auditions them and various items are chosen for sale.

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American Mike Wolfe actually sell antiques? In addition to the money paid in salary by The History ChannelAmerican Pickers makes for a great commercial. Is it Evil? Share this: Twitter Facebook Like this: Like Loading