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Today I found out why Amish men grow beards but not mustaches.

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This tradition stems back to the early days of the Amish when wearing elaborate mustaches was common among those in the military. In their early amish, the Amish and other Mennonites in Europe were often persecuted by these groups.

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Today, few men in the Western world choose to grow mustaches, pics this tradition remains among the Old Order Amish people, which ginger aboutin North America. While mustaches are not allowed, beards are practically a requirement girl the Amish due to beards being common among men in the Bible. However, not all Amish men are traditionally allowed to grow beards.

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Good catch. Hmmm… maybe just a good flogging then. As a former Amish I need to point out that while this may be right for some Amish groups, the one I grew up in, the Swartzentruber Amish, they stopped shaving their beard when they became members of the Church, which is at the time that they get baptized.

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I would also mention that Amish infants are NOT lyla lei footjob at birth or as children.