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Babylon Pink - DVD - Command Cinema

Theatrical Release Date: USA, Director: Henri Pachard Writer: Henri Pachard Cast: DVD Released: November, Approximate Running Time: XXX Sound: Dolby Digital 5. The premise of Babylon Pink is simple it is basically a day in the life of a few New York dvd and their fantasies. After directing a handful of soft-core features Henri Pachard would make the transition into full blown hardcore with the film Babylon Pink.

The story and the sex in Babylon Pink are pretty evenly balanced.

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The use of exterior shots in New York city add a some class to the overall production and one has to wonder pink any of the innocent by standers who were filmed felt when they one day discovered that they were in a porno albeit an extra walking the sidewalk.

The majority of the women in Babylon Pink are extremely attractive as they for the most part exuded the girl next door vibe and have natural looking shapes.

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Then there is of course Vanessa Del Rio babylon voluptuous frame is burning with desire as she is like a wild animal in bed. Robert Kerman of Cannibal Holocaust fame shows up under the pseudonym R.

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