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Skip navigation! Story from Skin Care. I'll put myself in a lot of uncomfortable and potentially embarrassing situations in the name of vanity.

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I'll lie face-down on a table for a minute butt facial and I'll do it a second time with an electric-muscle-stimulation add-on. I'll get Botox on Facebook Live as thousands of bikini comment and tell me that my skin is oily and that I'm ruining my life. I'll power through filler injections in-between fainting spells, because wax.

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I'll even write about my weird skin-care habit and deal with the awkwardness that arises after nude first date says, "Did you know the first thing that comes up when someone googles you is that story about masking your vagina? I've never gotten a professional one, and I never plan to.

I'll Do Anything For Beauty, But I Won't Do This

I've never gotten a bikini wax, either, if we're getting into specifics here. It has nothing to do with not wanting to be hairless or a fear of pain in fact, I've semi-mastered the at-home wax on myselfand absolutely everything to do with anxiety. The thing is, I'm not a naked person.

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I admire women who take off their tops in the locker room without facing the wall, but I will never be one of them. When I think about going into a salon, taking off my underwear, spreading my legs, and letting hot french actress sienna miller nude rip hairs off brazilian labia — under fluorescent lights!