Classic swedish movies

10 great Swedish films

The director also starred in it, 36 years before his final performance in Wild Strawberries. Movies Torment.

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The pupils are afraid of muscular man vaginal porn teacher classic the film that started Ingmar Bergman's career in cinema as a script writer and assistant director. Classic of numerous possible early Bergman choices. This film is the reason Swedes have a clear picture of what Death looks like — and the reason singer-songwriter and Bergman buff Scott Walker moved to Europe. Star Max von Sydow would later play the title role of The Exorcist.

Further watching: A starving writer, recognizable as Knut Hamsun, starts losing it in late 19th century Swedish then called Christiania, confusingly.

10 Great Modern Swedish Movies

Actor Per Oscarsson's first masterpiece, as well as Paul Auster's favourite movie. A Scandinavian co-production.

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The counterpart to Frenzy, in which another teacher is afraid swedish his pupils. Obsession and paranoia in actor Oscarsson's third masterpiece. The movie that Travis Bickle brings his date to see movies Taxi Driver.