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Why Hollywood won't cast Courteney Cox anymore

Dirt Cox rose to fame playing type-A personality and chef Monica Geller on the pop culture phenomenon Friends. When the iconic sitcom went off the air inshe seemed poised to achieve even greater fame courtney the big screen or on TV, but her career hasn't flourished as much as we expected. Let's answer the question on everyone's minds: Cox nearly kicked off her post- Friends career with a starring role on the hit series Desperate Housewives.

According to Rolling Stoneshe was in the running to play Susan Meyer.

Courteney Cox

While she was producer Marc Cherry's first choice, she had to pass on the part for personal reasons and, as we all know, the role ultimately went to Teri Hatcher. It was also panned by critics. Adding insult to injury, the film's lead, Tim Allen, earned a Razzie nomination for worst actor. While many of her Friends co-stars went on to star on TV and film, Cox focused much of her creative energy behind the ugly busty naked chick. Inshe and her then-husband, David Arquette, launched Coquette Productions.

Cox made her highly anticipated return to the small screen in as Lucy Spiller, an unsympathetic tabloid editor, in Dirt. But sexy intense FX dramedy struggled to find its footing—and its audience—during the uncertainty of the writers' strike going on at the time.