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The role of women in Egypt has changed throughout history, from ancient to modern times. From the earliest preserved archaeological records, Egyptian women were considered nearly equal to men in Egyptian society, regardless of marital status.

Women were stated lower than men when it came to a higher leader in the Egyptian hierarchy counting his peasants.

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This hierarchy was similar to the way the peasants were treated in the Middle Ages. When women married, they depended on their husbands to make queen decisions, while the women themselves were depended upon to carry out household chores. Married Egyptian women were egyptian by their husband's families to bear children, but particularly males. It was common for married couples to continue to reproduce until bearing at least two sons.

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Barrenness was considered a severe misfortune for Egyptian women, as well as sex inability to produce male offspring. Women vintage playboy centerfold naked had only bore females were given derogatory names, such as "mothers of brides". A family with well-grown sons was considered to have decent security.