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10 Actresses Who Are Basically Nude For The Entire Movie

Since the birth of social media, famous selfies have become a staple of celebrity Instagrams. From Jennifer Aniston 48 to Julianne Moore 57 to Helen Mirren 72these famous women are proving that there is no age limit for nude selfies. Check out their empowering NSFW pictures, ahead.

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Aniston, who actresses posed topless for pictures inside the book, was praised for her empowering photos. Aniston is 48 today. Moore is 57 today.

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For New York magazine in nude, Helen Mirrenwho mature blonde porn star 64 at the time, posed nude in a bathtub with only milky water partially covering her breasts. Mirren is 72 today. Femalewhen she was 40, Alicia Silverstone disrobed for a PETA campaign raising awareness about animal abuse in the wool industry. For the campaign, Silverstone posed completely nude with her backside to the camera.

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