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A young girl was forced to perform a sex with on a year-old boy under "peer pressure" by an older teen who threatened to share photographs. Roisin Lacey SC, defending, said the incident, which lasted for about 10 seconds before the girl ran off, was stage managed by the older boy.

Her client, now aged 17, subsequently pleaded guilty to engaging in a sexual act with small child at a place in Co Dublin on August girls, The Central Criminal Court heard that four days earlier the older boy forced the girl to give him oral sex while other boys, including the 14 year old, were present nearby.

Some of these took images, though the defendant did hot naked corvette girl. The victim felt she had to do it and said she couldn't stop shaking during the incident.

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They took away my guys she said, adding that fear has taken her over now. The defendant had his hands down by his side during the incident and did not touch the girl or say anything to her, Ms Lacey said.

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Ms Lacey added that the incident was a once off act, stage managed by the older boy. Her client had just turned 14 himself and believed the victim was also She said a Probation Service report noted pic had little understanding of the concept of consent, and didn't realise the victim sex he himself were both too young to consent.

Sentencing him yesterday, Mr Justice Michael White said there were "particularly demeaning" aspects to the offence for which this defendant was not responsible.