Good positions to make a girl squirt

How To Make A Girl Squirt Effortlessly – 6 Steps To Mega Pleasure

Make orgasmic potential massage will help your positions become more easily orgasmic and squirt more quickly, with larger volumes, more often. Us men have much less control using our penises rather than our fingers to stimulate the perfect spot.

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As men we always like to simplify things down to the physical technique and this is usually good most guys who have a made a girl squirt can only do so inconsistently. Real mastery in learning how to make a girl squirt comes from how well you can build trust, be non-judgmental, hold space and be her guiding masculine energy without being pushy. Using a vibrator against the clit will probably give you the squirt success rate. Alternatively learn how to eat pussy like a Kingthat will probably work a treat as well. Learn how to make a girl wet in my ultimate guide.

Of course, just like the finger squirting girl, you will need to remove your penis as the pressure grows and she is about to explode.

Make Her Squirt Effortlessly: Extreme Female Ejaculation Made Easy

Timing is everything at this point, you can read more about squirting timing here. The feeling of release and the vacuum that creates is what usually triggers the rhythmic squirting to take place, especially when used alongside vigorous clitoral stimulation. However there is a problem.