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People love to laugh. People love to watch film comedies and recite their favorite lines with their friends and laugh pocket over again.

17 heart-melting moments we can't stop watching in 'To All the Boys I've Loved Before'

Now that's funny. Back inSuperbad was a surprise hit and it featured a just as guy scene-stealer, Christopher With in his very first screen role as Fogell. In this great scene, a phenomenon was born: The boy's geeky friend Fogell gets a fake ID, a teen movie staple. And it was just McLovin, no first name.

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The Party was released in and this might not have been a big deal to most moviegoers back then, but immortal movie actor Peter Sellers, a white English actor, portrays a brown-skinned Indian man named Hrundi V.

Bakshi, complete with Indian accent and brown makeup.

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The Hangoverthe breakout movie ofis side-splittingly funny literally from top to bottom, featuring breakout performances from Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis, an insane cameo by Mike Tyson, a maniacally insane and naked Ken Jeong, and one unforgettable night in Las Vegas. But the end scene piece it all together, as they find a camera that documented everything, in all its ridiculous and graphic glory.

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Notably insane moments: And that would be a place where you drag the printer out into a secluded area and beat it like a mob rat. And all this to the most expletive-laden hip-hop soundtrack you can imagine, thugs that they are in their Dockers, short-sleeve dress shirts, and ties.

This Jesus, from The Big Handsis an entirely different cat.

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