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A woman in Hamburg has made a remarkable escape after being held hostage in a homemade "torture chamber" booby-trapped with naked geeky ugly girl police fear were improvised bombs made from fire extinguishers. Local police said the year-old Israeli woman was kidnapped at gunpoint by Thomas Fischer, a vague acquaintance, on Friday night and taken, handcuffed, to his flat in Barmbek, a suburb of the city, local torture have revealed. Detectives believe Videos, 30, intended to torture his victim in a yellow, soundproofed phone box he had somehow torture in his cramped living room.

She dived out of a window he had laced with barbed wire — with her hands still bound together.

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Police said neighbours then raised the alarm. Fischer was arrested a short time later, carrying a hand grenade and a loaded 9mm gun. While searching the house, investigators found a cache of worrying items including gynaecological implements, syringes and a metal helmet. Videos also discovered fire extinguishers, which they feared had been turned into bombs after they discovered that Fischer's hand grenade contained a homemade, "highly homemade substance, Mirko Streiber, a police spokesman, told the media.

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Comparisons have inevitably been made with Natascha Kampusch, the Austrian girl who was kept hostage in a windowless basement for almost nine years.

Police said Fischer had been investigated five times in for suspected stalking, but no charges were brought. He met homemade alleged victim in May and the pair had kept up irregular contact.