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Jane Fonda is the 'monster' in question, but Lopez certainly brings out the animal in her adoring and admiring fans around the globe.

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Jennifer white fucked gif sizzling, booty-shaking pop videos to sexy scenes on the big screen, she raises temperatures in every frame. Here are some of her sexiest moments ever, including her seduction of the handsome but very young Boy Next Door. While most men probably wish they had hot neighbour like J Lo, she plays a very sexy cougar who unfortunately bites off more than she can chew.

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It is probably most teenage boys' fantasy to naked the hot lady on their street, but the situation turns into a nightmare when the young lad turns into a stalker and then blackmailer before things get really scary. The thriller Out of Sight introduced Tranny blowjob as a legitimate film star, moving her from the pop charts to Hollywood with ease.

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The sultry and witty Steven Soderburgh movie exploited the palpable chemistry between its two leads and remains one of the actress' sexiest and finest performances to date.

Performing a striptease seems to be a signature movie move for Lopez as is demonstrated in the two clips from Parker and Shades of Blue. Lopez has followed many of her Hollywood contemporaries by switching to television and scored a minor hit with the crime series Shades of Blue. Less successful was the crime thriller Parker, where Lopez and Pics Statham struggle with a lack of chemistry and decent plot.

But if that's jessica subtle, Lopez gets out the big guns, and everything else, in the red hot video for Booty with Iggy Azalea.

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