How to fuck ur sister

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Most men have a dormant sexual attraction to most females that they come into contact with. Men that do not have this attraction are gay. When a man comes into contact with the sister of a friend, the attraction comes to the fore and takes over his mind.

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If a man does not feel this it is because his friend's sister is not hot enough. Many men have twisty brea bennett to have some uninterrupted time with the girl or girls in question but most have failed. Don't let that happen to you. Okay, let's get right down to it.

Is it normal to want to fuck your own sister?

Please be careful as to not miss read this article and believe it says, "HowTo Fuck Your Sister s And Get Away With It", because doing that is already easy enough and the last thing you would want is Uncyclopedia making it more difficult for you. Which reminds me, my cousin is hot and we haven't spoken in a while If you know your friend has a sister, skip this step. If you don't have any friends, get some and then follow these instructions.