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Aladdin - Love in the devil's heart part 1

Chapter 1: A different first wish. The cunning street rat Aladdin, his pet monkey Abu, and their new friends Carpet and Genie, had just escaped the Cave of Wonders and were now at an oasis. Who named those two anyway?

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Naming a sentient magic carpet Carpet, and naming a magical genie of the lamp Genie, just screams lazy writing. Aladdin had promised the genie freedom with his third wish and was about to wish to become a prince when he realised he'd best stop and think it through.

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What unexpected consequences might arise from that wish? After thinking long and hard he realised there were some 1992 porn. The princess rejected every last one of her previous suitors with vengeance. Even if he was better than them, she might not give him a chance.

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