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Jump to content. Top of the page Check Your Symptoms. Male genital problems and injuries can occur fairly easily since the free porn nasty pics and damala sex are not protected by bones.

Genital problems and injuries most commonly occur during:.

Male Genital Problems and Injuries | Michigan Medicine

A genital injury often causes severe pain that usually goes away quickly without causing permanent damage. Home treatment is usually all that is needed for minor problems or injuries.

Pain, swelling, bruising, or rashes that are present with other symptoms may be a cause for concern. You may notice blood in the semen. Infection or inflammation is the most common cause of blood in the semen.

Male Genital Problems and Injuries

Rashes in the groin area have many causessuch as ringworm or yeast. Most rashes can be treated at home.

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A rash may be the first symptom of a sexually transmitted infection STI. If you may have been exposed to an STI, do not have sexual contact or activity until you have been evaluated by your doctor. This will reduce the risk of spreading a possible infection to your sex partner.