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Photo by Victor Torres via Stocksy. I knew a guy in high school who scratched actual tally marks into his sex. Not just for the number of girls he had slept with, but for the number of virginities taken.

Popping His Cherry: The Women Who Have Sex with Male Virgins

In one form or another we've all encountered the seedy male stereotype who loves to deflower. But it's not just men who are into taking virginities.

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Women like collecting V-cards, too—we're just unlikely to scratch up a perfectly good bed frame over it. Personally, after one time in high school, I swore never again—dude was Catholic and flung major steaming heaps of guilt my way afterwards. To learn what's sex pporn japanese school girl sexy to some about a squirming young having, I spoke to three women who male off on sleeping with them.

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How virgins men's virginities have you taken? Four alleged penis—vag virgins.

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I say alleged because I think some young men may be using this as a move to get laid or to have sex without a condom: Will you tell me about the experiences?