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Mika is all fired up when she reads Jordan Ash's resume.

Resume ANAL-ysis

Even though he's a graduate of Brazzers University, she starts insulting his education and his work experience. When mika about to leave because tan can't take much more of her comments, he grabs her by the neck and gives her a taste of authority with his fat ysis. Officer Mika Tan is the lead detective in the case of forced entry by a big object.

She is trying to cut suspects down to only 1 so that she can pass on to another big case. The only thing standing in her way is Julius and his big black cock.

mika tan resume anal ysis

Mika is gonna have to try things outside the book to make sure that he gives her a DNA sample. And what better way than to resume him want to give it to her, on the face on top of all.

Brazzers Operative Mika Tan is in custody. These men want to know everything there is to know about the Brazzers Powerhouse and Mika is going to be the one to tell them one way or another!


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