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How many people do you know that pulled a Ferris Bueller and turned a day of playing hooky into the most epic adventure ever? Yeah, probably not many.

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High school wasn't the type of epic adventure Hollywood often leads us to believe. But sometimes Hollywood actually gets it right, giving us scenes with all the awkwardness that comes along with those pivotal four years -- the sex-ed classes, the parties, the alcohol experimentation and even the general disdain for parents. Below, we've put together a list of 12 high school movie scenes that speak to our teenage selves -- the scenes that we can all relate to. OK, so your phys-ed teacher may not teen been as inept as Coach Carr or maybe naked girl fucked by strong man were but we've all been through at least one terribly awkward sex-ed class.

We're still scarred from the memories of having to read aloud about periods and condoms as preteens.

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Pretty much every teenager, at one point or another, has told a parent they're ruining their life, just like Lindsay Lohan in "Freaky Friday. Amy Heckerling's "Clueless" perfectly captured the vibe of basically every high school party. Awkward teenage flirting, someone spilling beer, a fighting couple, and a ruined shoe.

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Seriously, we lost count of the number of times our shoes got either covered in booze, mud or just went missing at parties in movies school and beyond. There was always that one kid who did basically nothing throughout their entire high school career like Spicoli.

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Whether you were asking your older-looking friend with a fake Crazy red head sex to buy you booze, or you were that friend with the fake ID, this scenario was a pretty standard way of getting alcohol in high school. It was either that or stealing from your parents' scene cabinet. If with one thing teenagers are good at, it's spreading rumors.