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You put your 3D glasses on and he planted a kiss on your nose, before putting his and taking a handful of popcorns.

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You were only 20 minutes in the movie but you already had to take your glasses off. You kept watching the screen without your naked. Although it was blurry, you still jumped everytime someone screamed and closed your eyes everytime you heard the noise of the chainsaw. You jumped again when you felt something on your knee, crawling underneath your skirt up your tight. You spread your legs open, inviting him.

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He smiled and kissed you, looking like the happiest teens in the world. You dirty made yourself comfortable on your seats, your head resting against his chest while his fingers were massaging you through your panties. You were close enough for gif to catch each one of the deep breaths that you took, hear each sound that escaped your lips, showing him that you liked what he was doing to you.

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You moaned as you felt hot house wifes xxx fingers entering you as far as the fabric would strech, your lips finding his by instinct. You moaned again against his lips, feeling him kissing you deeper in answer. Riding broke the kiss and moved in order to pull your panties down, not caring about the screams or the people surrounding you anymore.

He kept drawing some figures with his fingers around your clit, and then finally pushed a finger inside you.

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