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Periods have always been somewhat taboo. Roman philosopher and naturalist, Pliny The Elder, declared that menstrual blood would:.

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Pliny The Elder. Aside from turning menstruating women into the subject of John Carpenter's next film, Pliny also had an idea on how women could put their malevolent menstrual cycle to good work: By positioning naked women in farms and gardens during their periods, which would deter insects, rats and other pests from eating crops.

Right up until fairly recently, women on their periods were warned to stay away from many things.

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In 19th century England, women were not allowed to churn butter or salt ham when on their periods, in case it tainted the meat and curdled the butter. Similarly, in France, factory girls were banned from sugar factory floors during their time of the month, just in case it turned the sweet stuff bitter.


By the s, there was real debate in the science fat girls need love too porn on the subject of "menotoxins" the "fumes" given off by menstruation and whether these menotoxins truly did churn butter, decay meat and cause sugar to turn bitter.

Yes, these are basically the same views that Pliny had, but over years on and with a fancy new science-y name. One Dr.