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Max Payne Movie Review Summary.

Detailed Review Summary of Max Payne

Detailed plot synopsis reviews of Max Payne This is the story of a NYPD detective who spends years tracking down the killer of his wife and child.

He works in the section that handles the unsolved cases. He has spent the past three years trying to figure out who murdered his wife and child. He tracks down a street thug, captures him, but gets no further information because the guy is crazy.

He goes to an underworld connection Trevor played by Andrew Friedman who he uses to get leads.

MAX PAYNE Movie Reviews

There is a party going on at his place. The guy has nothing for him, but at the party, he meets a beautiful woman named Natasha played by Olga Kurylenko. Her sister Mona played by Mila Kunis confronts her.

Max protects her.

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Mona leaves. Natasha disappears into another room. He follows her. He sees women kissing each other and they are taking a drug, which is a bright blue liquid in a vial.