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Xxx forced sex xxx your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of my awesome new posts by email. I guess I am too, because I spent the day with Coyote and bass time friend and talented camera-manChance, in the bug-infested, goopy muck of North Bass Island, looking for reptiles, diptheria, and brain eating amoebae.

We get up at the buttcrack of dawn for a quick introductory segment.

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For those that know me, getting up this early means a couple of things: Santa has arrived 2. We can now add a third: Groggily, I make my way without dying, or getting eaten by lake monsters. We get to North North Island.

A Day in the Swamp with Coyote Peterson

My biggest concern and the main reason for wearing sturdy denim is getting bit by snakes or leaches on my man parts. Coyote nude a baby snapping turtle that smells like a homeless, city-dwelling bigfoot. The turtle really likes me you can tell from the pic below.