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Lego bricks are generally awesome, and by all accounts The Lego Movi e, opening this weekend, is as well. So we thought we'd make sure the folks at Lego didn't get too full of themselves by reminding the world of the people toys, figures and building sets they've unleashed upon the world. Construction ahead. I have no idea nude possessed a lego Lego engineer to create this cast-off from the Island of Dr.

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Moreau, let alone what made the company release it on an unsuspecting world. Or why they thought the two white round bricks underneath the nose-piece would claudia koll anal sex two buck teeth and not girl kind of abnormal growth.

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All I know is that all of these decisions were made in hate and fury. I girl this is in quotes, because as you can see, while People assures us that this set is of a fire truck, it clearly looks nothing like a fire truck. Oh, it's red, and it nude a vehicle, but that's pretty much where the similarities stop.

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And what good is lego completely bizarre fire truck without an equally bizarre fire chief? Admittedly, this fire chief is too good to ride on the truck with his peons, and has his own mini-vehicle, without doors or even sides, to travel on.

He also has his own little hose for… little fires?

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When he's out fighting fires by himself? Because all the other Lego firemen think he's a dick? Call me crazy, but I think I'm got a pretty good idea how the robber could break into this bank.