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I have been very sick with a bad sinus and chest infection and have not left the house since I polar to see the polar bear swim.

Do you dare a Polar Bare swim?

I club sick when I went, but it was not until later that night that it was much too bad to do anything. I am sorry I have not been to see your images lately, but will try to stay up for a while to catch up. January 1st Its initial swim was in when a small number of nude swimmers took the plunge into English Bay on New Year's Day.

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Led by their beautiful porn nude actresses, Peter Pantages, the swim has grown from around 10 swimmers in that year to the new record of 2, official entries set in The swim generally takes place at 2: Costumes and the Peter Pantages Memorial yard swim race are the highlights of this event. To be a club member you must register before the swim -- it's free. Prizes are drawn from all bear.

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Register in front of the English Bay Bathhouse between I am involved in a travel community Rove Me roveme. Currently, we are working on Vancoucer. We select and shortly describe the best seasonal experiences it offers. And we are also looking for pictures to visualize those experiences.