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In nearly every episode of the animated series Phineas and Ferbthere comes a moment when an adult phineas will suddenly notice that the titular toon boys are attempting an activity that is 1 unauthorized, 2 potentially hazardous, 3 absurdly impractical, and 4 utterly fantastic. Like tying giant weather balloons to the underwater city of Atlantis and bringing it to dry and.


Or riveting bolts into a hand-built roller coaster—which also functions as a space rocket. Yes, we are. But attempting the impossible—and pulling it off almost entirely on their own—is what plucky Phineas and his dutiful sidekick, Ferb, are all about as they optimize every summer-vacation day of them, to be exact.

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And in just about every episode, an over-the-top idea comes to life, transforming their suburban backyard into a reasonable facsimile of an intergalactic Maker Faire. Make a ski slope with the help of a Sno-Cone machine?

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Build an elevator to the moon? Why not!

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Phineas and Ferb put their energy into building things—a lot of highly imaginative and complicated projects, actually—like their own backyard beach ferb a teleportation device that sends people to Mars.

Disney, the studio behind the series, has found a word to describe it: Now in its second nude, Phineas and Ferb is currently the number free nudist oops pussy slip animated series in two key and overlapping TV demographics: And from Phineas T-shirts to plush Ferbs, there are nearly merchandising deals in the works worldwide; the cartoon brand is now estimated girls be a multimillion-dollar property.

Of course, like all great cartoons since Bugs BunnyPhineas and Ferb has to grown on a few levels to be accessible to kids while slyly appealing to their parents.