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In a hotel room in Las Vegas, a barefoot man in a red tracksuit is frantically searching through his luggage. He checks the closets and drawers without success.

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He disappears into the bathroom. When he comes back a few seconds later, he tells me that we have a problem. The enema is missing. Otherwise, the set—a standard king on the sixth floor of the Trump International Tower—is pretty much ready to go.

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Studio lights and a digital 4K camera on a tripod face the gray couch in front of the windows. Power cords snake across the floor.

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Michael Vegas, the man in the red tracksuit, is about to shoot a porno. Except no one is getting paid today: This is a trade shoot, also known as a content trade, which means that the performers organize the shoot on their own time, shoot it with their own gear, and handle their own paperwork.

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They get together, have sex on camera, and then publish the content on the paid streaming websites they own. No director. No studio.