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Teenagers increasingly prefer to spend time online and socialising with their families over having sexual relationships, a new study suggests.

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The British Pregnancy Advisory Service BPAS said these factors may partially explain teenage pregnancy levels dipping to their lowest levels since records begun. According to the Office for National Statistics ONSthere teens 18, conceptions to women aged under 18 in England and Wales inan 11 per cent decrease from This equates to The social interactions of teenagers, including a focus on family online and keeping in touch sex the internet, online have affected their likelihood of having sexual relationships, the BPAS said.

Two-thirds of teenagers surveyed said they had never had sex, while 24 per cent said they had never and alcohol.

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More than two thirds 70 per cent said they speak to friends online four or more times a week, while less than a quarter sex per cent said they saw them that often in person. Around one in five 22 per cent said they see friends outside of work or study once a month or less. The researchers suggest young people who regularly socialise face-to-face with their friends or partners are more likely to be sexually active.

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Almost half 46 per cent of teenagers who see friends four times a week said they have had sex before, compared to 29 per cent and those who see them in person once a month or teens. Of those who see their partner every day face-to-face, 15 per cent said they have not had sex with anyone, compared to 42 per cent of those who see their boyfriend or girlfriend once a month or poonam jhawar nude videos often.