Sex tips to please your man

20 Best Oral Sex Tips: How To Please A Man With Your Mouth

Sex expert Siski Green shares her tips for what please like in bed. Play with his nipples, sucking on them then blowing on them for extra stimulation; explore his chest and your with your hands; sex his behind; and caress his skin from top to toe, to make sure all his nerve endings are on fire for your touch.

Find out how to increase your libido. By grabbing his behind the skin around the anus and below the penis gets pulled, stimulating nerve endings there. Find out what no one will tell you about sex over For oral sex, try swirling an ice cube around in your mouth before you go down on him removing it first.

For penetrative sex, try using a silicon-based lubrication which will make it easier for man to penetrate you and allow for more sensuous moves.

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Find out more about men, ageing and sex. Find out more about women, ageing and sex. Not the one on top of his neck, the one at the tip of his penis. Use tips hand adult video sale the shaft of his penis, as you use your mouth on the head, swivelling your tongue and mouth around it and over it to stimulate him fully.

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