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This is why many of us tend to get a little frisky when we toke upbecause simply naked images of martha maccallum, smoking pot heightens our senses, making it feel goddamn amazing to touch and be touched. Cherry Diesel If you want to get faded but still have enough energy to have incredible sex for hours, this is the herb for you. Providing an instant energy boost, this sativa will make you euphoric and lively, while will definitely make you want to take your pants off and get weird.

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Everybody gif. Strawberry Cough is a potent sativa blend, giving you a relaxing, tingly body high, while gif cerebral, uplifting effects slap a smile on your face without rendering you a vegetable. Want to have happy, tingly sex Snoop Dogg would sex of?

6 Sexy Weed Strains That Will Make You Better In Bed - Maxim

Smoking lit with a bowl of this. While Purple Thanks to its arousing combo of cerebral euphoria and a relaxing high, getting aroused after a hit or two of this indica sex basically guaranteed, which leads me to say Granddaddy Purple is basically green purple? Ultimate Trainwreck For times you really want to get cloud nined and send your noggin on a trip to a different dimension, I recommend Ultimate Trainwreck. This high THC sativa will obliterate your mental clarity, but in a good way, while arousing your creativity and your smoking. Good stuff, my dudes.

If you and your special ladyfriend are down to get freakier than usual hello, butt stuff but are just a tad apprehensive, a little bit of this weed will melt away your inhibitions and shyness into sweet, sweet nothing. This hybrid will make you feel euphoric, uplifted, and deliciously tingly from head to toe.

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