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Douglas Lambert wanted to give Playboy a run for its money. It wasand Hugh Hefner's magazine had created a new mainstream market for soft-core porn. Lambert, a nightclub owner in Garden Grove, California, decided to get in on the action. Lambert's wife Jenny saw a bigger opportunity: Lambert wasn't sold.

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What woman wanted to ogle photos of nude men, much less buy a magazine full of them? But he slowly realized Jenny might be on to something. The sexual revolution penises well under way, and Lambert "sensed the woman of the '70s was eager to become part" of it, as he'd playgirl write in promo copy for his new magazine. So in the summer ofLambert, along with William Miles Small. Two years later, in JunePlaygirl 's first issue hit the newsstand, with a mission similar to its long-standing counterpart: On the first cover, a nude man credited as "Eldon" sat cross-legged, his modesty preserved by shadows, as an amorous woman credited as "Lorelei" nuzzled poonam dhillon pics porn xxx hd from behind.

One of its cover lines: