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Star Trek has cultivated a reputation as the optimistic, intellectual science fiction franchise over its 52 years. Starfleet is ostensibly a military organization, but its main aim is exploration, discovering new life and new civilizations to better understand the universe and the people in it. Forget about the Klingons, the Romulans, even Khan; there is no more terrifying villain in all of Star Trek than the Borg. Introduced at the end of Star Trek: It was an experience — a violation - that would haunt Picard for the rest of his life.

The good captain and the Borg seem to be getting on just fine here.

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First Contact. Before he was swaggering around the bridge of the Enterprise, Pine was making a name for himself as something of a weirdo character actor.

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Hopefully Pine can find room for more offbeat roles like this down the road. Star Trek: Insurrectio n was the point when it became clear the TNG crew were on borrowed time. The dual failures of Star Trek: