Not a great day fishing, but anytime you get to go fishing its a great day Be open to paths that might not end at your original ideal.

Can anybody help identify this bird? (PIX)

Wouldn't you, if you had the time? I wandered on.

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I saw no spectacular scenery on Tuesday, but it was still perfect weather to sit on a bench in the woods and make coffee. Real talk: After this walk I crashed hard and unexpectedly, and I'm mature women sex and feet working on getting up from it.

Recent reading leaves me dreading more than ever that I may have a dug-in case of tiakai Lyme disease. The tests have always come back equivocal, but the symptoms fit, especially when I look beyond medical lists and actually read others' lived experiences of tiakai example at link in bio. But it isn't the diagnosis or treatment that I dread, it's the process of getting there.

Testing for late stage Lyme is notoriously unreliable, and the treatments are usually temporary at best. And our medical system really only works tiakai if you have privileged access to the right specialists, or if you can stay motivated to advocate for yourself energetically and consistently through a potentially long and tiakai process of trying to get to the right specialists.

And sometimes not even then. It leaves you wondering if it's even worth the effort.