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The 6CY7 Amp

This amplifier came about due to an unexpected turn of events. This is what happened. I used the Recovery amp for a while, however when the 6V6 Lacewood amp was completed, it quickly became my default amplifier for most of my music listening. This meant that the Recovery amp was put aside. Then recently I decided I could not simply let this unit sit unused.

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So Tna began to look for a suitable project. At first I was thinking some type of tubes until I realized that the power transformer used for the Recovery amp could be reused for a small stereo amp. It is an older Hammond EX with a 65mA high voltage winding and a 6. As tna turned out, this is exactly what was needed to build a circuit using the 6CY7 which I had prototyped a few years before using that very transformer.

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This amplifier is based on another of the vertical deflection dual triodes built for televisions; the 6CY7. This tubes tube has a power section with a peak plate dissipation of 5. This should translate to a little over one watt per channel.