Venus milker

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The Venus is the leading made to measure male masturbation machine. Made to your exact measurements, the Venus will provide you with pleasurable stimulation and enjoyable sensations without tiring! Whether you decide to use your Venus in the bedroom or in the playroom or dungeon, the high quality components of this mighty machine are designed to last and last.

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You can trust the Venus to bring milker excitement and enjoyment everytime! The Venus has a gearmotor that drives a reciprocating diaphragm. Air moves milker and from the outer chamber of the Receiver by a connecting hose. The amount of air in the system, or lack of it, is adjustable and determines the stroke length. Most men can adjust it to move the full length of their shaft. To use it, you simply put some lubricant in the Receiver and porn proxy mobile the head of your penis to the opening.

When you turn the Venus on it will suck you in.

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It has the velvety feel of a well lubricated partner. Venus can be set to a soft and sensual 8 strokes per minute, or you can crank it venus to a venus shaking strokes per minute. You decide what you want and Venus complies with your wishes.