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Plenty of people are choosing not to label their sexuality these days, as the rise of the sexual fluidity movement demonstrates.

Why Are So Many Women Unwilling To Date Bisexual Guys?

Straight women are hooking up with each other, straight men are hooking up with each other, killer whales are hooking up with bottlenose dolphins — all bets are simply off! Given the evidence that sexuality might be more fluid than we've all been conditioned to believe, it's only natural that we can't help but wonder: How would the average straight woman feel about dating a dude who might have a same-sex encounter or two under his belt?

Well, thanks to a new survey from Glamourwe now know that the answer to this question is "probably not great. In a new survey on the subject of sexual fluidity, Glamour "asked 1, women ages 18 to 44 about their own sexual identities and experiences. But now for the double standard: Cornell University sexuality professor Ritch C.

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While these results indicate a double standard in how we view male sexuality versus female sexuality, they're not exactly shocking. It's also worth noting that because we live in a patriarchal society that deems girl-on-girl action as hot and appealingfemale bisexuality comes with something of an implicit seal of approval.

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