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Iran: Sex - ﺳﻜﺲ

In Iran, many people believe that it is important for women to be virgins on their wedding day. Even so, many women do have sex before marriage.

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The surgical procedure involves closing up, sometimes almost completely, the vaginal opening so that the woman will bleed when she has intercourse with her new husband. Secondly, a hymen can be torn outside sex sex. But nepalis girls fuck image myth virgin a woman must bleed during her first experience of vaginal penetration is widely iran in Iran and around the world. The result is that these operations have been common in Iran since the s as well as in many other countries, including France.

Starting in the s, another option appeared for women wanting to fake their virginity: The price of these pills vary widely, but most seem to work in the same way.

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About an hour before photo sex, the woman is supposed to put a pill in her vagina. When the pill becomes damp, its exterior softens. During penetration, the exterior breaks and releases a red liquid, which is supposed to trick the husband.

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