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Complete details here. Room selection is an online process that will occur Wake Information regarding room selection will be sent to you via email. We will sex you through the process!

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Think about what is more important: The likelihood of getting one or the other is higher than if you are trying for both. There is a second round of the room selection process which occurs during the middle of the summer each year. All students who are required to live in campus housing, but do not select during General Room Selection, are automatically placed on the list to select during the second round. Again, this is a normal part of forest assignments process coed occurs each year.

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During the summer, rooms open up across campus for a number of reasons, including when students decide to go abroad or transfer. Students on the list for the second round will receive an email with a selection day to go online and select from what housing is available at that time. You should review the Room Type Availability List close to your selection day and you should use the Student Portal Instructions, which will help you plan for the process.

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Student Portal Instructions Walk Through.