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Tuck wandered into the kitchen, masturbation something in a basket of old clothes hard group sex videos his eye: He put them on. They made him feel funny.

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Immediately sensing their power, he walked outside and grabbed a piece of cow manure. With these gloves, young Willi realised he could get away with all sorts of forbidden deeds, unscathed. He touched poisonous plants and stinging ants, plunged his arm into the creek and pulled out blood-sucking leeches.

Drunk on his newfound power, he even inserted a latexed finger into the asshole of one unfortunate bovine. It was absolutely sensational. Of course, a few years later he started masturbating while wearing the gloves.

masturbation tuck

But with the gloves on, it was different; it was OK. He felt protected.

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Latex was it for him, and it became apparent that Willi had a fetish. Still, he had no way of knowing that decades later he would use his secret shame to his advantage by establishing a lucrative fantasy fetish-wear company in a what stretch of Brazilian rainforest. By no means was Willi the first person possessed by the power of latex, the milky white sap that drips from the scored trunks of rubber trees.