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Earlier this year, we did an episode about near death experiences. Bex Montz was one of the people I interviewed.

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And he wrote in to the show about it. Like I legitimately didn't think that anything was going to come of it, 'cause I just don't think that my life is that interesting.

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Until the podcast came out. One of my niece's friends listened to it. And recognized his name. I'm ginger lynn first scene, you used your whole name on that thing you know, and this podcast is kind of a popular podcast. I think you know that.

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I sort of figured they all assumed. Like, I've been mentally ill since I was like 13 years old. Jesus Christ, I hope there's a suicide attempt in there or else I'm like, what have I been doing with the last couple of years.

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You know? This is something that stayed with me about Bex, after the first time that we talked. I wanted to meet him in person.

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