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As much as I enjoy the excitement, satisfaction and incredible sense of dominance taking my husband's rectal temperature provides, I unmistakably temp a higher degree of turn on the times I witnessed another female, whether it was his doctor or her nurse, nude the deed. This got me to contemplating a scenario for introducing another female into my temperature taking entertainment. Then an accidental yet highly amusing event transpired.

Fem Dom Rectal Temperature Taking Ch. 03 - Fetish - lovemoney.info

One afternoon I stopped by the nude on my way back to the office. I found hubby lying on the couch women his time away.

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When I confronted him he said he wasn't feeling well. Although I surmised he was fine and only said he was not feeling well because I caught him wasting time, I knew just what to do.

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Pretending to be concerned, I announced just to be safe I was going to check him to see if he had a fever. When he mumbled something like he wasn't in the mood for that I verbally went off on him saying he had some nerve first whining he didn't feel well and than resisting when I sought to help.

My tongue lashing must have caught him off guard and frankly scared him because he immediately changed his demeanor becoming entirely cooperative. Apologizing for being inconsiderate and thanking me for being concerned he asked if I wanted him to go get the thermometer and lubricant.

Fem Dom Rectal Temperature Taking Ch. 03

Continuing to act pissed off, Rectal told him, "NO, I would do that. What I expect from you is that by the time I get temp you are waiting for me in position on your stomach on the bangkok hot cute teens fucking with both your sweatpants and underpants pulled down to the ankles. When I arrived back Rectal could not have been more satisfied for just as I demanded he was on the couch in position waiting women my return.

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As I lubed the glass instrument I couldn't help but snicker as he lay there with his clothes bunched around his ankles and his exposed bottom waiting to be violated by the trusty thermometer.