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Sometimes an innocent game can go a little too far. A bunch of Reddit users got together to share some dared the most shocking and horrifying games of "Truth or Dare" they've ever played.

Strip Truth or Dare

Here are some of the highlights for adult eyes only. Different people have varying comfort levels when it comes to getting naked. Girl are so uptight about it, they even want to dictate who can see others nude. My brother got dared to run across the strip road and back.

Long story short he got hit by a car and had to spend the night in hospital.

Truth or Dare: + Questions & Answers (18+)

If only he could have blamed a head trauma excuse for why he'd agree to such a thing in the first place. After that we just didn't want to play anymore.

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Put a finger on it and the person who dared me shoved my young hand in. Grabbed a handful and flung it at her. Helpful life hint: If debie ryan fully naked is willing to touch a cow pie, they're going to be willing to go the extra mile to make you're just as miserable as they are.