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To celebrate this serendipity, we look back at some notable movies trafficking in the once-unthinkable notion of switching faces. It holds up because of its strange languidness and teen its poetic story about lost beauty, guilt, and the possessive love of a father for his daughter.

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Plus, the medical sections are still kind of freaky. The fear that our souls exist independently of our bodies runs through a ton of Japanese horror, from the eye in The Eye to the mask in Onibaba.

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Blessed with the confidence of his new appearance, however unnatural it might be, the transplant recipient seduces his own wife and then confronts her because she cheated on him with himself seriously. Face of Another is beautiful, insane, and psychologically astute, not to mention its most normal scenes are the ones filmed as X-rays.

Hear me out: Also, the soundtrack to The Face of Another does not feature Fishbone. After undergoing plastic surgery to change facial appearance, he recovers wrapped in Invisible Man- esque young. The Movie. Orloffwith Howard Vernon reprising his role here in a bit part as the awful doctor movies question.

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Despite being gore-free, the aura of paranoia and the canted-angle cinematography make this one of the most disturbing and uncomfortable selections on this list. Liam Baranauskas writes stories and essays, and sometimes refers to identical twins as "nature's doppelgangers.

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