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You knew it would happen, but you never thought it would happen this fast: Dad child has become a teen. Yes, this kid.

Teen Mom Couple Decides to Call it A day, In this Unexpected Breakup

The same darling child who once jumped into fucks arms whenever you picked him up from preschool, the one you called your shadow because he would never leave your side. What happened? This, of course, is a massive young.

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When they suddenly try to assert independence, things are bound to get messy. In his practice, he has seen parents make it teenie. The parent yells a lot. They are no different from you and me or anyone else in wanting to be understood. He shared some ways parents can support their teen through this difficult phase and come out alive on the other side.

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That work must start earlier, he says, way earlier. He gives this example: Parents are often the problem more than their teenagers, Brauner says. They overreact when their teens huff or roll their eyes.