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Born in GothenburgSwedenKjellberg originally pursued a degree in industrial economics and technology management at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg. Induring his time at the university, he registered a Clips account under the name PewDiePie.

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The following year, he dropped out of Chalmers after losing interest in his degree field, much to the dismay of his parents. After failing mad moxxi porn earn an apprenticeship with an advertising agency in Scandinavia, he then decided to focus on creating content for his YouTube channel.

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In order to fund his videos, Kjellberg began selling prints of his Photoshop art projects and worked at a hot dog stand. Kjellberg soon gathered a rapidly increasing online following, and in Julyhis channel surpassed one million subscribers.

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On 15 AugustKjellberg became wife most-subscribed user on YouTubebeing briefly surpassed in late by YouTube Spotlight and several times in early by Indian record label Video. Kjellberg's most noted YouTube content is his "Let's Play" video game commentaries, traditionally of horror video games and more recently as for August of Minecraftalthough he hot to produces a larger variety of comedic content such as memes and reviews.

His content has been praised as genuine and unfiltered, but also received as abrasive, and in some cases, met with controversy. As a result of an early controversy regarding allegations of anti-Semitism in several of Kjellberg's videos, Maker Studios — the multi-channel network Youtube he was signed to — ended their partnership with him.